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CorbaTrace is available under the LGPL licence. You can find it at
At the beginning, CorbaTrace is a university project. So it's normal that you don't have to pay for it.

You can use, distribute, modify our soft for personal or commercial use with only small restrictions (see LGPL).


CorbaTrace is written in Java. So you can use it on every platform supported by Java with the same sources.

Now, SourgeForge download system is used. So, to download new release go here

Jar file is the distribution to use (with all the .class Java files)
TarGz is all the distribution with source files (if you want to compile or modify CorbaTrace).

Date Version File
21-03-2002 1.0 corbatrace.tar.gz
12-03-2002 0.3 corbatrace.tar.gz
22-02-2002 0.2 corbatrace.tar.gz
07-02-2002 0.1 corbatrace.tar.gz

To convert the XML logs to XMI, CorbaTrace needs XML APIs. Either you have the JDK 1.4 that includes all the needed APIs, or you have to download the additional JAXP package from sun and add it to your classpath.

If you want to use the xmi2tex tool we also provide, in order to transform the sequence diagrams from XMI to latex format, you have to get the msc.sty package, and configure it so that latex can use it.


For the lastest version of the sources, you can use our CVS web tree under TuxFamily.

You can also use CVS directly (with SSH of course).
You have to configure the connexion in your environnement (for example, the .bashrc under Linux)

You can then get all the files with this command :
cvs checkout CorbaTrace