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Developper documentation

If you want to compile or modify the sources of CorbaTrace, see instruction below :


To compile CorbaTrace, you must have besides user requirements :

  • Ant 1.4
    It's a compile tool (like "Make") written in Java and with a config file in XML. It's free and developped by Apache. Download it at :

API Javadoc

You can browse the API JavaDoc here.

Complete report

If you want a full explanation of project CorbaTrace, you can read our report and our presentation. Report talks about architecture of CorbaTrace, portable interceptors of Corba, xmi, and so. But it's in french. Sorry, but it's too long to translate.


It's very easy (thanks Ant) !
Just type ......... :
-> ant
(when positionned in the Corbatrace directory where the build.xml file is!) That's all.

Now, you have the jar file in ./dist/corbatrace.jar

See below for the directory structure :

The project root (with the build.xml of Ant)
The sources
The java sources
The idl sources
The config files and XML-DTD example files
The generated files
The generated class files
The java files generated by idl
The jar file
The JavaDoc generated documentation


To compile
To clean project
ant clean
To generate javadoc
ant javadoc
To run Server example
ant runServer
To run Client example
ant runClient

UML Diagrams

If you have a UML tool that can import XMI files, you can see our UML diagrams:

You can also see UML class diagrams as navigable packages : Main packages

Main packages

or as pictures :