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  • Interception package now intercepts the communications between local objets, using the Java Logging package.
  • Log2xmi is now a part of a bigger package : log2sequencediagram. log2sequencediagram still allows the creation of sequence diagram in XMI and Tex, plus now  in SVG.
  • Synchronization of messages has been reviewed and upgraded.
  • A new package, corbatrace.gui, provides a GUI to use log2sequencediagram, get distant log files by FTP and display the SVG sequence diagram.
  • First stable release : CorbaTrace v1.0
  • very big documentation (100 pages) about project, XMI, and interceptors
  • Filters can be configured with a XML file
  • Synchronisation of messages with logs from computers not synchronised
  • Use XMI 1.3 instead of XMI 1.1
  • Fixe some bugs with out DTD and XML


  • New example page
  • upload and description of the EasyCorba libraries
  • upload and description of the auction hall applications
  • upload of version 0.3 of CorbaTrace


  • Update of the javadoc
  • 2 classes have been added to the xmi package: XmiParameter and XmiDatatype. Now you can specify parameters for an Xmi Operation and give these parameters a datatype. The example class has been modified to show how to use these new classes.
  • The test class of the xmi package to test XMI generation has been renamed from Log2xmi to TestXmiGeneration
  • some work on the website and doc


  • Javadoc comments of the XMI APIs.
  • Xmi classes have been modified to use only standard XML classes of JDK1.4 or JAXP package.
  • update of the website to explain the xmi visualisation part
  • display problems of this website under Netscape are now corrected


  • Upload of the msc.sty file for latex
  • Correction of all the english pages into understandable english (!)


  • CVS
  • You can browse the CVS online.
  • The JavaDoc API is online.


  • Web
  • Web site was created and put at http://corbatrace.tuxfamily.org
  • A new clean CVS was created too.

2001-12-26 Version 0.0.1

  • First release
  • Intercept messages beetween Corba objects and created XML logs


CorbaTrace is a beta version. There is still a lot of work to do:
  • a GUI to import all log files generated, create filter, generate XMI, with a graphical wizard (Swing)
  • do the traduction of the interception package into C++ (it's on the way, but is anyone volunteer?!)
  • test the log2xmi program with a bigger example than we did it
  • make the XMI extensions for Objecteering and a free UML tool
  • translate all pages in french and update the french pages
  • comment and test the xmi2tex tool
  • improve synchronization algorithm
  • debug ;)